Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Week 15

Hola!!  So highlight of the week:  GROVE TOUR!!!!!!!!

So Bob Parrot (I don’t remember if I’ve told you about him)... He is in charge of the grove and pretty much all the cool outside stuff here.  Anyways, he takes us sisters on a special grove tour.  So last week us 6 cast trainers went on a tour.  Bob has lived here forever and knows all the history and everything here.  So he takes time from his busy schedule to give us different tours.  (One of the perks of being a missionary here... nobody else gets to hear this stuff).  So we walked through all the trails of the Sacred Grove and he just told us anything and everything.  I've always been in love with nature and trees and all that, but it has grown exponentially since I've been here. All the forests here are amazing, and the sacred grove is even better. 

Bob tells us the story behind all the trees and plants and animals and everything else we find, and then applies it to life. There are a lot of "Character Trees" in the grove.  These are trees that aren't the typical "straight" tree we are used to.  These are trees who faced adversity and became deformed, but continue to grow on.  I realized that trees are like people.  The character trees make the best stories.  These character trees have had their share of struggles and twists, but eventually always overcome the challenges life threw at them and the begin to grow straight (up towards the light--trees always grow towards the light).  Often times the character trees are the strongest, and live the longest.  The trees that SEEM perfect and are straight/tall often fall or die before the character trees do.  Apparently trials make us stronger.  Our roots get planted deeper and we learn that we can always stand tall and strong--no matter what the world throws at us.  We all face adversity and challenges and it's often hard to find the light, but if we stick to it and have firm roots, then we can overcome the trials and correct our limbs to grow straight again.  I learn more and more from these trees every day. 

Well, enough of my nature obsessions... so yesterday was pretty eventful... it started at 6:15 when we were out running and out of nowhere I totally trip and eat it!  Like really eat it bad..... And I just tripped on my own feet I guess??  It was weird.. I saw it all happen in slow motion... all of a sudden I was just falling on my face and then skidding across asphalt... someday I’ll stop being clumsy??  Probably not.. But now my legs look pretty funny... they are seriously COVERED in band-aids... as are my arms.... and my face has some scratches as well... haha other than a slightly twisted ankle and peeled off skin all is well! So I kinda limp back to the house and we realize that we are locked out.... so 2 of the sisters ran to the senior couples houses (they live over by the farm) and asked to borrow a phone so that we could call facilities management and try to get back inside.... so we sat outside and I chilled with super bloody legs for half-hour (ish) and finally we made it in...... And then later our car became infested with spiders.... like huge poisonous spiders all over... we are pretty sure there was a nest (nest? Do spiders have nests?) and all the eggs hatched or something.... luckily I'm not that afraid of spiders... but the other sisters were terrified.... like it was a super traumatic experience for them (thank goodness these aren’t snakes...).  So now 6 of us are sharing one car until they can get it solved... yay.   and to end the day there were thunderstorms and our house leaks... we got home late last night from our Hill Cumorah shift and there was water EVERYWHERE!  So now we have buckets all over the house to catch the water.... hopefully that gets fixed soon too??  haha  anyways,... it was a pretty funny day.  I was seriously cracking up.  haha

I got your package!!!!!!!!!  thanks so much!!!!!  I appreciate it so so much!  shoes fit.. thanks :)  love it all!!   and I got all the wedding pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   oh my gosh!  So exciting!  Kylie looked stunning (as did everyone else)!  It seemed perfect!  So glad it went well!  still can’t believe I missed it... but that’s okay! Missions are cool too! haha

Well I love you so so much!!  hope all is well!!  I'm so glad grandma's last surgery went well!  hopefully she'll finally get to go home!  have a wonderful week!  

love Hermana Davis!

PS... I kinda feel like telling everyone who reads this the ending to the next bachelorette because Nicole spoiled it for me....  not that I really care.... but still.... but I won’t... cause I'm a nice person.  But I'm still mad at you Nicole!  ... not really.....  But you know how I feel about this....

Okay bye!!!!!!   xoxoxo  

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