Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week 14

Talking to you all was the best thing ever!!!  Oh my gosh!  so good!  some of the other missionaries were saying how it felt so weird, but it felt totally normal for me!  And now I'll talk to you again at Christmas!!  Weird... but it will fly by...

So I feel a little self-conscious of my letters now... cause apparently I say "seriously" every other word.... but I just really want you to know how serious I am???  idk.  Tevs. (I wrote tevs just for you Nicole!!  I still hate that word....)  And apparently I say awesome a lot.... I have officially become a missionary... good I guess?? haha

So it was a pretty normal week... just meeting a ton with our investigators and other people and doing serious work at the sites.  Now that school's are getting out for summer, we are getting TONS of visitors.  So much fun!  I literally get to talk to people from all over the world every day!  Yesterday I took people on tour from the Philippines, Sudan, and Austria!   I have a list in my site Book of Mormon of all the countries that come here that I personally get to take on tour and share the gospel with.... I'm over 20 now... I don’t remember the exact number.  But it is just so neat because I get to know them and hear their conversion stories and share my testimony with them!  So cool.  

We are starting all of our cast training meetings for Pageant!  I am so so so so so stoked for Pageant!  And ever more stoked to be a cast trainer.  We are with them for the entire three weeks and we get to teach them how to be missionaries!  We hold workshops and firesides and all this stuff for them and get to watch Pageant every night and it will be so much fun!!  July will be here before we know it!!

Dad I went to court last night!!!!  Which I actually shouldn’t tell you this cause I don’t think Sister Jones would want me telling ppl.... maybe don’t send this to everyone haha.... she got a speeding ticket... oops!  NY has the most lame speed limits ever.  Like every 5 steps is another speed trap.... anyways...  we went to court and it was so so so so boring and I just really felt bad that you have to go to court all the time! No fun!  I hope you get fun cases!  Cause the lawyers there looked bored out of their minds.  But it was actually a huge blessing because we met this lady there and she is super excited about learning more about the church and was just the sweetest lady ever and now we're good friends and we're going to start teaching her!  Maybe we should get speeding tickets more often??  :)

Yesterday I painted a deck!!!  It looks really good, if I do say so myself!   We helped Andy chip all the old paint off his deck and then we repainted it and had an awesome lesson with him!  It was so good!  We're having another lesson tonight!  
We kinda argued a little because we weren't agreeing on different doctrine (argue isn’t the right word... we didn’t argue, but just disagreed I guess)  I realized I am so defensive about the Book of Mormon!  I wasn’t offended by what he was saying, but I just realized how much I LOVE the book of Mormon and it is truly the word of God.  I don't like when ppl speak poorly about it... especially when they haven't even read it and they have no clue!  Anyways, all is well, and we are still routing for him to join the church!  

Well I kinda don't know what else to write... all is well!  My allergies are doing better... kinda.... everyone here has cats.  Its gross.  I hate cats.  And they just climb all over me and I try really hard to not gag and I think maybe I’m starting to be allergic to cats??  Can I just suddenly "become allergic" to them.  Sometimes they climb on to the table at dinner... and just walk through the food..... yum.  Nothing like a good fur-ball in my salad!   And the owners think its so cute... 
oh ps, I saw Dodger's twin yesterday :)   

Okay well I am out of time.   Love you so much!  So glad I got to talk to you on Sunday!  I hope you had a wonderful mother's day momma!   

Te quiero,
Hermana Davis :)

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