Thursday, May 2, 2013

Week 12

Hola!!  So Spring is pretty much here and I am obviously so so stoked!  this morning was the first time it’s been warm enough to run outside... so we went on an awesome run through the forests (not the Sacred Grove... just surrounding ones).  It is so absolutely gorgeous.  There is nothing like waking up by watching the sunrise in the middle of a forest.  So legit. 
I've been thinking a lot about spring lately because I've been so excited for it to get warm.  Every day for the past 5ish weeks I have slowly watched the leaves bud on the trees and now they are almost all here!  (You all know how obsessed with leaves I am... I know I’m weird...).  But it just made me think how things take time, and we can begin today to change!  I think New Year's Resolutions are dumb... we should try to change in the Spring!  It's the time of new life and re-birth!  Everyday we can change, little by little into these glorious trees!  There is always room for improvement and we cannot change from the bare winter trees, into full-bloomed, green trees overnight! 
Anyways, enough of my nature talk....  how is everyone??  How was Harry's birthday??  And congrats on Senior Class Pres!!!!!!!!  That’s so awesome!  I'm so excited for you!  And Happy Birthday Brandon!!!  What are you doing for it?
And HAPPY WEDDING KYLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Oh my gosh!!!  Pretty much all of New York knows about it because maybe I announce it to everyone that my best friend is getting married manana!  I am so so so so excited for you and I can’t believe I'm missing it, but i will most definitely be there in spirit!  And our P-days are kinda weird today because we're helping with this historic Palmyra Publicity thing today, so we finish our p-day on Friday night.... so I'll just pretend I'm at your reception!!!!!  yayyy!!!!   But good luck with it all and I need lots of pictures!!!!
So do we get the church news at home??  the cover is of our senior couples and it talks all about this open house we had at the Book of Mormon Publication site... super cool... but I'm super close with those missionaries... he's the one who gave me a blessing when I was sick and his wife makes the best cookies in the world and gives them to us and we just have an extra close relationship.... and now they're the cover of church news!!  so famous haha
Anywyas, i love you all mucho!  Have a wonderful week!!  Talk to you on Mothers day!!!  so stoked!!  Facetime may be the best way... is your mac desktop working?  But I'll look into just skype as well.... we have shifts, so it will be more night time-ish.... new york night time.... we don’t get our schedules yet though, so I’m not sure.  I'll let ya know next week!
but love you tons!!  happy wedding eve!!!

love Addison

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