Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 16

So it finally got warm... like in the high 90's.... but now it’s raining again.... I'm learning to love the rain? Kinda.. except at 5:00 am this morning when I am woken up by our house leaking EVERYWHERE!  Really... I thought the roof was going to cave in.  I'm not exaggerating at all.  FM came over really fast and we're now getting a new roof.  There is nasty water spilling all over EVERYTHING!  yum.  And also, I hate humidity.  but it's all good!

So last week for P-day we went to Sodus Point... it's a little coast town on Ontario Lake... people here think that these lakes are beaches... definitely not... but hey- I love lakes too... and I miss the beach, so I'll take it!  The Ellsworth's took us... they are this family in our ward that we absolutely love!  Just young with two little boys and they are always doing stuff for/with us!  They're the best :)  We went on a really fun hike to chimney bluffs and then walked in the water up to our ankles because we are missionaries... aka scared of water haha just kidding... not really scared just trying to stay obedient... I must admit though that I was the one willing to run in after a shoe. (Asher... their little boy.. threw his shoe in the lake... so I offered to go get it haha)

But it was super fun, really pretty and a nice little break!  

We've also been painting like CRAZY!  One of our investigator's won't come to church until he finishes painting his deck... and it's huge... so we have been trying to get it done asap haha.  Maybe I’ll become an official "Deck Stainer" when I get home??  

So we do online proselyting as well... We get a lot of referrals at the sites and so we teach people online/over the phone as well.  We encourage the people to meet with missionaries in their area obviously, and for the most part they do, but some really like us just teaching them over the phone and stuff... one of our investigators is progressing super well and is getting baptized soon!  yay!!!  He wants to come to New York to come to the sites/meet us in person... not sure if that's creepy or not... but he probably won't come, so it's all good.

ummm... I cant really think of other stuff.... SITES are SOOOOO BUSY!!  I am so exhausted by the end of each day just from running around everywhere!  Life is good... sorry, this is short and sweet... I just am having a blank of everything right now.

love you tons!  Hope all is well!  I'm so glad Grandma got to go home!  Give her a hug for me :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!!!!  I love you so much!!  Eat some cake for me??  just kidding... I definitely don’t need more dessert...
Ooo speaking of cake... there is this sweet little couple taking us out to this super nice Italian place tonight... I'm really excited!  And they said we may stop at cheesecake factory after for dessert... even though there is probs delicious dessert at this restaurant... but whatever... I'm never opposed to cheesecake (unfortunately)

okay love you all!!!

love me

oh ps-- this pic is with Kim Smith.  Joseph Smith's great great granddaughter.... I totally took her on tour!!!  So fun!  Then she gave us a fireside/presentation thing at Site meeting last week.  She told us her conversion story and just different stories that people don’t really know about the Smiths.  It was so neat.  She is an incredible lady! I signed up to get her email with cool stuff/some of the songs she sings (she writes songs and performs them about the Smiths... she kinda has a country voice... dolly Parton's cousin actually haha)  I'll forward it to you when I get it!

okay love you bye!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Week 15

Hola!!  So highlight of the week:  GROVE TOUR!!!!!!!!

So Bob Parrot (I don’t remember if I’ve told you about him)... He is in charge of the grove and pretty much all the cool outside stuff here.  Anyways, he takes us sisters on a special grove tour.  So last week us 6 cast trainers went on a tour.  Bob has lived here forever and knows all the history and everything here.  So he takes time from his busy schedule to give us different tours.  (One of the perks of being a missionary here... nobody else gets to hear this stuff).  So we walked through all the trails of the Sacred Grove and he just told us anything and everything.  I've always been in love with nature and trees and all that, but it has grown exponentially since I've been here. All the forests here are amazing, and the sacred grove is even better. 

Bob tells us the story behind all the trees and plants and animals and everything else we find, and then applies it to life. There are a lot of "Character Trees" in the grove.  These are trees that aren't the typical "straight" tree we are used to.  These are trees who faced adversity and became deformed, but continue to grow on.  I realized that trees are like people.  The character trees make the best stories.  These character trees have had their share of struggles and twists, but eventually always overcome the challenges life threw at them and the begin to grow straight (up towards the light--trees always grow towards the light).  Often times the character trees are the strongest, and live the longest.  The trees that SEEM perfect and are straight/tall often fall or die before the character trees do.  Apparently trials make us stronger.  Our roots get planted deeper and we learn that we can always stand tall and strong--no matter what the world throws at us.  We all face adversity and challenges and it's often hard to find the light, but if we stick to it and have firm roots, then we can overcome the trials and correct our limbs to grow straight again.  I learn more and more from these trees every day. 

Well, enough of my nature obsessions... so yesterday was pretty eventful... it started at 6:15 when we were out running and out of nowhere I totally trip and eat it!  Like really eat it bad..... And I just tripped on my own feet I guess??  It was weird.. I saw it all happen in slow motion... all of a sudden I was just falling on my face and then skidding across asphalt... someday I’ll stop being clumsy??  Probably not.. But now my legs look pretty funny... they are seriously COVERED in band-aids... as are my arms.... and my face has some scratches as well... haha other than a slightly twisted ankle and peeled off skin all is well! So I kinda limp back to the house and we realize that we are locked out.... so 2 of the sisters ran to the senior couples houses (they live over by the farm) and asked to borrow a phone so that we could call facilities management and try to get back inside.... so we sat outside and I chilled with super bloody legs for half-hour (ish) and finally we made it in...... And then later our car became infested with spiders.... like huge poisonous spiders all over... we are pretty sure there was a nest (nest? Do spiders have nests?) and all the eggs hatched or something.... luckily I'm not that afraid of spiders... but the other sisters were terrified.... like it was a super traumatic experience for them (thank goodness these aren’t snakes...).  So now 6 of us are sharing one car until they can get it solved... yay.   and to end the day there were thunderstorms and our house leaks... we got home late last night from our Hill Cumorah shift and there was water EVERYWHERE!  So now we have buckets all over the house to catch the water.... hopefully that gets fixed soon too??  haha  anyways,... it was a pretty funny day.  I was seriously cracking up.  haha

I got your package!!!!!!!!!  thanks so much!!!!!  I appreciate it so so much!  shoes fit.. thanks :)  love it all!!   and I got all the wedding pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   oh my gosh!  So exciting!  Kylie looked stunning (as did everyone else)!  It seemed perfect!  So glad it went well!  still can’t believe I missed it... but that’s okay! Missions are cool too! haha

Well I love you so so much!!  hope all is well!!  I'm so glad grandma's last surgery went well!  hopefully she'll finally get to go home!  have a wonderful week!  

love Hermana Davis!

PS... I kinda feel like telling everyone who reads this the ending to the next bachelorette because Nicole spoiled it for me....  not that I really care.... but still.... but I won’t... cause I'm a nice person.  But I'm still mad at you Nicole!  ... not really.....  But you know how I feel about this....

Okay bye!!!!!!   xoxoxo  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week 14

Talking to you all was the best thing ever!!!  Oh my gosh!  so good!  some of the other missionaries were saying how it felt so weird, but it felt totally normal for me!  And now I'll talk to you again at Christmas!!  Weird... but it will fly by...

So I feel a little self-conscious of my letters now... cause apparently I say "seriously" every other word.... but I just really want you to know how serious I am???  idk.  Tevs. (I wrote tevs just for you Nicole!!  I still hate that word....)  And apparently I say awesome a lot.... I have officially become a missionary... good I guess?? haha

So it was a pretty normal week... just meeting a ton with our investigators and other people and doing serious work at the sites.  Now that school's are getting out for summer, we are getting TONS of visitors.  So much fun!  I literally get to talk to people from all over the world every day!  Yesterday I took people on tour from the Philippines, Sudan, and Austria!   I have a list in my site Book of Mormon of all the countries that come here that I personally get to take on tour and share the gospel with.... I'm over 20 now... I don’t remember the exact number.  But it is just so neat because I get to know them and hear their conversion stories and share my testimony with them!  So cool.  

We are starting all of our cast training meetings for Pageant!  I am so so so so so stoked for Pageant!  And ever more stoked to be a cast trainer.  We are with them for the entire three weeks and we get to teach them how to be missionaries!  We hold workshops and firesides and all this stuff for them and get to watch Pageant every night and it will be so much fun!!  July will be here before we know it!!

Dad I went to court last night!!!!  Which I actually shouldn’t tell you this cause I don’t think Sister Jones would want me telling ppl.... maybe don’t send this to everyone haha.... she got a speeding ticket... oops!  NY has the most lame speed limits ever.  Like every 5 steps is another speed trap.... anyways...  we went to court and it was so so so so boring and I just really felt bad that you have to go to court all the time! No fun!  I hope you get fun cases!  Cause the lawyers there looked bored out of their minds.  But it was actually a huge blessing because we met this lady there and she is super excited about learning more about the church and was just the sweetest lady ever and now we're good friends and we're going to start teaching her!  Maybe we should get speeding tickets more often??  :)

Yesterday I painted a deck!!!  It looks really good, if I do say so myself!   We helped Andy chip all the old paint off his deck and then we repainted it and had an awesome lesson with him!  It was so good!  We're having another lesson tonight!  
We kinda argued a little because we weren't agreeing on different doctrine (argue isn’t the right word... we didn’t argue, but just disagreed I guess)  I realized I am so defensive about the Book of Mormon!  I wasn’t offended by what he was saying, but I just realized how much I LOVE the book of Mormon and it is truly the word of God.  I don't like when ppl speak poorly about it... especially when they haven't even read it and they have no clue!  Anyways, all is well, and we are still routing for him to join the church!  

Well I kinda don't know what else to write... all is well!  My allergies are doing better... kinda.... everyone here has cats.  Its gross.  I hate cats.  And they just climb all over me and I try really hard to not gag and I think maybe I’m starting to be allergic to cats??  Can I just suddenly "become allergic" to them.  Sometimes they climb on to the table at dinner... and just walk through the food..... yum.  Nothing like a good fur-ball in my salad!   And the owners think its so cute... 
oh ps, I saw Dodger's twin yesterday :)   

Okay well I am out of time.   Love you so much!  So glad I got to talk to you on Sunday!  I hope you had a wonderful mother's day momma!   

Te quiero,
Hermana Davis :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Week 13

Sorry, I don’t have much time today, so its gonna be short, but I just wanted to say hello!

Awesome week..... highlights include finally talking to Andy (such a miracle because we disappeared off the face of the earth for a while...)  WE were so worried.  Well we finally talked to him (well we actually stalked him to his house... creepy?)  which was terrifying because his family does NOT like Mormons... but it was all good.  He told us he kinda had enough of the Mormon stuff for a while and needed a break... but every time he was going to call us to tell us he was done, he couldn’t bring himself to do it.  And seeing us kinda relit that flame and he wants to keep learning more!  Miracle!!!!

Also... ruined my favorite shoes... but it was worth it I guess if it can bring the man to the gospel??  Remember the Jesus rapper??  Well we went back to teach him and his wife wasn’t home, and so we just stood out on the porch and out of NOWHERE a huge thunderstorm starts.... we were seriously drenched... but he was showing us the next verse of "doomsday prophet" so we couldn’t really do anything except just stand there and embrace the moisture.  but he seems really legit and we're so excited to teach him more!!   And if he doesn’t join maybe he'll buy me new shoes??  haha just kidding.

transfer is over.... crazy!!!  All the new sistas are here and the work just keeps moving forward!  

all is well!  Can't wait to talk to you on Sunday!!  

love you tons!  

love Addi

spring here!!   so so so beautiful!!

we like to do our studies in the Sacred grove when we get the opportunity... pic is us in the grove!
... and that was last week... it is 12398472389047 times more green now :)

 my lovely district!!!  We had to get a group pic before it changed of course!!!   the new elder who replace the pink tie one is.... interesting.... but its all good!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Week 12

Hola!!  So Spring is pretty much here and I am obviously so so stoked!  this morning was the first time it’s been warm enough to run outside... so we went on an awesome run through the forests (not the Sacred Grove... just surrounding ones).  It is so absolutely gorgeous.  There is nothing like waking up by watching the sunrise in the middle of a forest.  So legit. 
I've been thinking a lot about spring lately because I've been so excited for it to get warm.  Every day for the past 5ish weeks I have slowly watched the leaves bud on the trees and now they are almost all here!  (You all know how obsessed with leaves I am... I know I’m weird...).  But it just made me think how things take time, and we can begin today to change!  I think New Year's Resolutions are dumb... we should try to change in the Spring!  It's the time of new life and re-birth!  Everyday we can change, little by little into these glorious trees!  There is always room for improvement and we cannot change from the bare winter trees, into full-bloomed, green trees overnight! 
Anyways, enough of my nature talk....  how is everyone??  How was Harry's birthday??  And congrats on Senior Class Pres!!!!!!!!  That’s so awesome!  I'm so excited for you!  And Happy Birthday Brandon!!!  What are you doing for it?
And HAPPY WEDDING KYLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Oh my gosh!!!  Pretty much all of New York knows about it because maybe I announce it to everyone that my best friend is getting married manana!  I am so so so so excited for you and I can’t believe I'm missing it, but i will most definitely be there in spirit!  And our P-days are kinda weird today because we're helping with this historic Palmyra Publicity thing today, so we finish our p-day on Friday night.... so I'll just pretend I'm at your reception!!!!!  yayyy!!!!   But good luck with it all and I need lots of pictures!!!!
So do we get the church news at home??  the cover is of our senior couples and it talks all about this open house we had at the Book of Mormon Publication site... super cool... but I'm super close with those missionaries... he's the one who gave me a blessing when I was sick and his wife makes the best cookies in the world and gives them to us and we just have an extra close relationship.... and now they're the cover of church news!!  so famous haha
Anywyas, i love you all mucho!  Have a wonderful week!!  Talk to you on Mothers day!!!  so stoked!!  Facetime may be the best way... is your mac desktop working?  But I'll look into just skype as well.... we have shifts, so it will be more night time-ish.... new york night time.... we don’t get our schedules yet though, so I’m not sure.  I'll let ya know next week!
but love you tons!!  happy wedding eve!!!

love Addison