Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 9

Okay another amazing week.  First off General Conference.... The missionary in me obviously made me super stoked... like I was more excited for conference than I was for Easter on Sunday.  And you know how much I love Easter!  But seriously, I was so stoked.  I haven’t got to watch all of it yet... Sunday we had a shift at the Book of Mormon Publication Site (BOMPS) all day and so I only caught little glimpses... but what I saw was so, so good!   And we had 4 investigators come watch with us on Saturday!  Andy, which I think I told you about last week... the super legit one... and Dick & Irma Halstead.  They are this adorable old couple form Germany who totally believes in all the things we teach, but feel bad leaving their church.  Their church is kinda hanging on loose threads and if they leave (they have a lot of leadership responsibilities there) it will probably just stop... we told them that their whole congregation can come to the Mormon church!  They aren’t on board with that idea... yet! haha   And then another investigator named Tiffany who is also awesome!  She just thinks church is boring and wont quit smoking.  Everyone here smokes btw... I feel like I'm back in Europe.  I have the permanent smell of cigarette. yay! haha

Guess what???  Addison as you know me is changing..... #1.  I think I like eggs now.... what????  weird, I know.  I've been trying to like them for about a year now... like when Kylie or Jordan would make them I'd every once in a blue moon have a tiny nibble.... well people here like to feed us eggs... So I realized, its time to like them.  And I’m obviously not a huge fan yet, but I can eat scrambled without throwing up!  yay!!!!!!  A whole new world of Breakfast foods is opened to me!!!  
#2.... People ask me for advice on fashion.... Nicole, you're probably cracking up right now.   But I’m not kidding.  They come into my room in the morning for ideas/ if something matches/ whatever.  Weird.  I guess this is obvious proof that I'm with sister missionaries, but still.... weird.  

Oh I have a Facebook you can check out... I haven’t really been on it much, so there’s not a ton to look at, but we do facebook stuff every once and a while so you can see my stuff/pictures/whatever. We can’t be friends, but you can look me up (Addison Davis (missionary)) and its not locked so you can look at it!  and look at my friends (esp my companion, Alison Jones) and you can see other pictures/more stuff in Palmyra!

Okay so Monday Andy made us the best lunch ever.  He's just so grateful for all the stuff we have been teaching him so he wanted to do something nice for us!  He grilled the best steaks... ya know how i love my steak haha... and a bunch of random or'derves  (no clue how to spell that) and the BEST FRUIT SALAD I have ever had.  oh my gosh.  Seriously, the fruit was so good.... a huge bowl of all my favorites... and then he was glad that I liked the mango so much that he sent it all home with me. Seriously, the BEST mango I have ever had.  oh my gosh.  I love fruit so much.  So anyways, we taught him while we ate, and then we went to the Hill to watch the Restoration movie with him.  I've seen the movie a ton of times, but it was SO COOL watching this time with Andy and seeing how it affected him.  The spirit was so incredibly strong, and he finally really opened to us, and knows that he can trust us.  It was so so neat.  Missionary work is seriously the best.  Everyone should do it.  

So the weather is turning to Springy weather!  yay!!!   Yesterday we did our site study on top of the Hill Cumorah... which looks out through all of Palmyra... it was so neat.  I didn’t even wear tights that day!!   Which means my legs are really white... super embarrassing how white they are... but that’s not really my priority for the next couple years... even though I am secretly hoping we do a lot of stuff outside so I can be on the sun!  

Monday night we kept having this feeling we should visit a less-active named Rhonda.  We didn’t have time though and it just wasn’t working out.  Then some other things got canceled though and we went to see her.  It was so neat that we did listen and change our plans, because she was in desperate need of some love and spiritual upliftment for the day.  It's just so neat how the Lord provides a way every time if we are receptive to the promptings we receive.  It is so cool being on a mission where we can always have the companionship of the holy ghost!

Well, stuff is great!!  I miss you all so much!  I sent a letter to Grandma Davis, but it got sent back for some reason, so I'll send it again.   But until it arrives just tell her how much I love her and miss her and have her hang in there!  She's still in my prayers everyday!  As is grandpa.  

I love you all so much!  Mothers day is soon... which means another phone call!!!  yayyy!!!
Have a wonderful week!!  Thanks for everything!  And for the letters!  And Sam for the package!

Love Addison!

oh ps, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!   wish I was there to celebrate with you guys!!!!  love you!!!

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