Thursday, April 4, 2013

Week 8

HI!!!!   So life is so great.  I am loving it here.  Seriously.  Everything is awesome.  First things first... you've been asking about mail, send everything to the Kreag address.  Packages, letters, everything.  And just send it through normal priority mail... no ups or fedex.  I eventually get those.. But they can't forward them to me and so I have to wait till I go to the mission home which isn’t very often.  But I got your packages and mail you've sent so far... well I think I've got all of it... package from Nicole and mom and letters from momma... anyways...

So I am totally becoming a New Yorker.  Really.  Pizza in NY is honestly better than anywhere else. Now I know why ppl always made a big deal about it.  Also, there is the MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNSETS I have ever seen!!  Oh my gosh.  Gorgeous,.  Sunrise and sunset everyday through the trees of the Sacred Grove... does it get better than that?  I don’t think so.

Okay so last week I had to give my first tour by myself at the Joseph Smith Farm... but it was super scary because I hadn't ever given one with my comp... Usually you go with somebody the first few times to learn how, but there were so many ppl that I just had to go on my own.  It was terrifying.  I walked back to give it and just prayed the entire time that I would be able to do it and the Lord totally answered my prayers.. seriously amazing.  Things that I didn’t think I had remembered came back to me and I was able to bear witness of the Sacred events that took place here and it was just seriously amazing.  Heavenly Father blesses us so much.  Everyday I just see countless miracles and the Lord's hand in this great work. So cool.

So we have this investigator named Andy.... you guys, he is SO LEGIT!!!!  Oh my gosh.  He came into the Grandin bldg a few days before I got here and said he wanted help to quit smoking.  They told him about an addiction recovery program sponsored by the church and he said thanks... but "don’t try to convert me b/c I'm not interested at all"  well at the mtg he decided he actually wanted to listen to us.... so we've been teaching him and he is awesome.  He is a super devout Catholic and actually just finished some sort of Seminary thing (I don’t really know what it is) to become a catholic priest.... but he just feels like this (the mormon thing) may actually be Gods plan for him.  I am just so stoked for him.  He believes in Joseph Smith and our prophets... he comes to church with us and totally prays in Sunday school... he's so awesome.  He wants to watch all 5 sessions of conference this weekend... what???  So cool.  

We have a lot of other cool ppl we are teaching right now as well!!  mom, you’ve been asking about food.... we get fed at members homes a few times a week... its been interesting... we live in a VERY poor area, so its super neat to see the members' faith and love for the Lord even in their poor financial circumstances... but with these poor circumstances, means they can’t afford cleaning materials.... its slightly awkward when they serve you dinner on a plate that hasn’t been washed and you see a their entire week's worth of dinner... yummmm.   But they are so sweet and kind to feed us and make that sacrifice.  I just pray extra hard to not get sick.  

Anyways, all is well!  I love you tons!  Thanks for everything!!!

Love, Addison

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