Thursday, April 25, 2013

Week 11

Hola!!!!  good week... as always.  I don’t even know why I write that.  anyways.

Spring is coming!!  The trees are starting to blossom, and everything is just better when it's warm!  It's seriously the best!  Also I think I’ve mentioned the sunsets/sun rises here, but I'll do it again... SO GORGEOUS.  I seriously can't get over it.  Last week I saw the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.  The whole sky was one gorgeous combination of oranges/pinks/purples/sunset colors.  So gorgeous.  We got really excited and were driving and busting out it our song (we really like Alex Boye's Have I Done any good in the world today... gets us pumped... such missionaries, I know) and I leaned down to grab something from my backpack, and I accidentally leaned on the phone and called some of the elders in our district.  Well I didn’t know and we were singing really loud and scary and they still make fun of us for it..... So funny.   But really, such a beautiful sunset.  Anywyas....

Last Saturday night was the "Historic Palmyra Steak dinner"... and they asked us to serve at it!  It was super fun and it reminded me of all the Valley-Wide/Exchange club lunches/dinners we would always be at.  It was really neat.  And then we got steak!   I’ve had a lot of steak so far... and ppl say missionaries get bad food....  oh also, we go to this one families house for dinner every couple weeks and they are super into being healthy... nice! Except this last week was salmon night... you would be so proud of me because I ate my entire serving.  Maybe I’ll begin to like sea food as well.... :)  but then another dinner we went to we had fish.  They seriously just flopped a huge dead fish... scales and eyeballs and all onto our plates... I threw up in my mouth a little (sorry to be so graphic... I just want you to picture this little -well actually it was huge- gray fish staring up at me and the people expecting us to eat it.)  I don’t even know if ppl are supposed to eat something like that.  I tried to scrape off as many scales as possible, but I literally could only have like two bites.  I've had serious nightmares about this fishie....

So on Monday we were supposed to meet  someone, so they weren’t home.... so we just tracted around that area for a little bit and we met Rich.... aka "Jesus-Rapper."  We were talking to him and just about if he believes in God and stuff and then he surprises us with the fact that he is a rapper... and only raps about Jesus.  He asked if he could share one with us and so we agree, and all of a sudden he's running into his house and grabs his laptop and speakers and starts his raps... he's actually super good... my favorite song was "Doomsday Prophet."  Seriously one of the funniest things I have ever seen... I had to turn around a few times so he couldn’t see us laughing.  (Don’t worry, he didn’t notice me not watching/laughing.... he gets really into it and I actually think he forgot we were there for a little bit haha)  anyways, So So funny.  A lot of times here I just have no idea what reaction to give to people..... Especially for all of the Ghost stuff.... did I tell you I live in a ghost town?  Everyone believes in ghosts everywhere/witches... like think the book The Crucible.... Salem witch trials... all this kind of stuff... I often get told "don't move!!  My dead aunt is sitting on your lap!"  or "Please stroke the air... my dead cat wants you to stroke him..."  lots of stuff like this...  my favorite one:  we were taking our investigators to the Smith home/Sacred Grove and we took them into the upper room of the Smith Log home and talked about where this is where Moroni appeared to Joseph... that whole thing.  And the girl goes to a random spot in the room and says "this is where Angel Moroni stood"  .... nobody knows where he was in the room....  but this girl does!  haha  She knows because Moroni was speaking to her right then and confirmed the exact location.  Also, Joseph Smith told her last night that he is proud of us and he thinks we should get to watch tv on our missions.  I really don’t know how to respond to these situations.....  Hopefully I'll get better and start acting more mature... haha

Speaking of maturity... we were helping the library with a craft thing... a little art project for teens.... and I was in charge of using the hot glue gun because I'm "more mature" than the young girls.... haha.  Well I accidentally hot glue gunned my arm at one point... like really bad... I have a huge burn... but the cool thing is, it looks like the earth.... like the burn looks like the globe!  super cool! /painful... but its like a cool earth tattoo.... not that I want a earth tat.... but it should go away soon, so its all good.

Good news!  We are playing tennis today!!!  I am beyond stoked!  I live with girls.... aka they like to go shopping/nap on P-days.... and I’ve been wanting to go and do something every week... and this week we finally are!!!  however it is raining again... so it may get canceled... but I’m all about playing in the rain.... nobody else is... but maybe I can convince them!!  Anyways, hopefully we'll get to go play!!!!

well I hope all is well!! Love and miss you tons!

love Hermana Davis

1.  I tore my skirt.... sad day.  We have a bench in our house... and for some reason i thought that jumping over it/straddling it would work.... it didn't... tore the slit up to my butt.  :(  one of the senior sisters said she could try to sew it though!  we'll see!

2.  We have a pond by our house!  I want to try fishing in it... we finally went to scout it our this week during our lunch but it kinda has turned into a swap back there from all the rain... so this is the swamp!  but we're (well actually just me... but sister jones is nice and is willing to follow me) going to try again in a few weeks!  

Christus in the Hill Cumorah Visitors Center
We got to go to the temple this week with Tracy and Jen Williferd!  they are recent converts and the cutest little family from Georgia that moved up here.... they are so great!  This was their first time doing Baptisms... it was such a special experience.  they were so excited and did all of their family names and it was just the sweetest thing ever.  Families are forever.  so special.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Week 10

Okay seriously another amazing week!  I just feel so blessed every day to be here.  So awesome.

Well first off, last Friday I had my first shift down at the Peter Whitmer Farm in Fayette, NY.  I was so stoked because I hadn't been there yet.  Well, on the drive down I started getting a really bad migraine... and then it turned into a terrible fever.  Like really bad.  I had a 102 degree temp and my eyes were super bloodshot and it was slightly miserable.  But I'm doing better now!  But it was really neat because two of the senior couple elders gave me a priesthood blessing.   And it's really neat because we talk a ton about Priesthood at the Whitmer farm, and then right there I was able to receive this blessing   It just made me so grateful for the Priesthood in our lives.  And so grateful for Dad giving me blessings my whole life.  And I just felt so comforted and at peace and I know I got better so fast because of the blessing.  The Priesthood is seriously such a blessing in our lives.
Oh, and then it was so nice... we got home from the Whitmer farm and I had a nice letter from Momma waiting for me!  You are always here for me when I'm sick :)   thanks!

So we got to go to the temple on Tuesday!  President lets us go once a transfer... and it doesn’t even have to be on our P-day :)   It was so awesome!  The Palmyra temple is so beautiful and it was so neat going in such a special location.  The temple is actually on the Smiths' property that they purchased way back when.  So neat.  It was so fun and a nice break from everything!

So cool story:  We had an appointment last Saturday with one of our investigators and we usually have the same member present to team up with us. Well this week, she couldn't end up going and so we didn't know who to ask. And then Sister Jones remembered this girl I took on tour last week.  It was really cool... just this young, single mom who joined the church a few years ago and came to the Joseph Smith Farm while her boy was at his grandparents.  It was really nice... just a one-on-one tour and we really got to know each other and she said she'd totally be willing to help us/team up with us sometime.  So we called her super last minute on Saturday afternoon, and she agreed to coming with us Saturday night!  So we taught the lesson, but it went NOWHERE in the direction we had intended for it.  But we just followed the spirit and kinda went with it.  Well the lesson ended and we felt good about it and all was well.... so we go home and start to plan for the next day.... well then Katie calls (the girl who taught with us) and just starts choking up and sincerely thanked us for asking her to come with us.  Apparently she was super lonely, feeling completely insignificant, and just that she didn't matter.  She hasn't been to church in months (which I had no idea of when we asked if she would help us) and she said that the things we talked about in the lesson were Exactly what she needed to hear.... and that we answered every concern, and that she felt that lesson was directed just to her. It's just seriously amazing because here we were, thinking that we were addressing our investigator's questions and concerns, but we were helping Katie out as well.  She was just so grateful and went to church on Sunday  (the next day) and just wants to come back to the Lord.  She is just the sweetest, and we were so glad that she called and told us.... otherwise we would have never known what an influence it had on her.   It's so cool how the Lord works though others to answer our prayers.  We just need to be receptive and ready to listen to the Holy Ghost so we can have those prayers answered.   The Lord has his hand in everything, and we just need to trust in his timing and that he always knows what is best.

So our room is hard-wood floor.... and sis Jones and I like to lay on the floor, but its extremely uncomfortable on the old squeaky wood (oh ps, did i tell you who's house we live in?  well, I actually don’t remember his name... but he was a friend of the smith family and his house/my house dates back to the early 1800s... we're in historical houses all the time.... last week we had dinner with a family who lives in the school where Oliver Cowdery taught.... and just lots of cool places...) anyways, we don't like the wood... so we bought a rug.  Our first furniture bought together :)   It’s kinda small, i don't fit all the way... but that's okay!  We love our little rug.... that's the pic I attached... us on our rug. yeah...

So some of the places we've been going for dinner have seemed a little more like home!  It's so fun being with those members with kids and stuff because it reminds me of our family and how we'd have missionaries over for dinner.  Mom, never feed the missionaries dessert again.... they always give dessert... and I just can't deny it.  But I also love it, so maybe you should keep doing dessert.... just fatten us all up haha.   Bob... this amazing guy who is in charge of the Sacred Grove here.... he always jokes saying that parents send their "sister" out and get a "sister and a half" back.  its safe to say that everyone likes to eat.  A lot.  Oops.  

Well, I love you tons!!  Have a wonderful week!  Mom, survive in your "kitchen" and don't let the dust kill you.  Harrison broke his ankle .. what???  It takes me a long time to get mail.... usually over a week after you send it... so I'm not completely caught up with what you're saying in your emails.... but I feel like every time there is a new injury haha  But now he can have 2 broken things... because your toe did not count Harrison. And it sounds like Baseball is going good Brandon!  We pass some little league fields every now and then and I always think of you!!  Oh, and a family came in who was going to a Yankee game but then had to go home suddenly and offered the tickets to my comp and me.... unfortunately we don’t get to go to Yankee games.... especially since that's about 5 hours away.  But it woulda been cool.  dad, I got the weapons... thanks!!!!   (I forget our secret language... but I'll work on that so the next thing can be in code)

Love you all!  I'm still praying for Grandma!  give her hugs for me!

Love Hermana D

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Updated Mailing Address

Take note of Addison's mailing address on the side bar ---->
Please send all letters and packages to the Kreag address. The other one previously posted no longer exists, and she won't receive any mail sent to that address.

Also, when mailing letters and packages, please send through regular priority mail or first class mail. If you send through UPS or FedEX, she won't receive it until she visits the mission office again. They cannot be forwarded on to her. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 9

Okay another amazing week.  First off General Conference.... The missionary in me obviously made me super stoked... like I was more excited for conference than I was for Easter on Sunday.  And you know how much I love Easter!  But seriously, I was so stoked.  I haven’t got to watch all of it yet... Sunday we had a shift at the Book of Mormon Publication Site (BOMPS) all day and so I only caught little glimpses... but what I saw was so, so good!   And we had 4 investigators come watch with us on Saturday!  Andy, which I think I told you about last week... the super legit one... and Dick & Irma Halstead.  They are this adorable old couple form Germany who totally believes in all the things we teach, but feel bad leaving their church.  Their church is kinda hanging on loose threads and if they leave (they have a lot of leadership responsibilities there) it will probably just stop... we told them that their whole congregation can come to the Mormon church!  They aren’t on board with that idea... yet! haha   And then another investigator named Tiffany who is also awesome!  She just thinks church is boring and wont quit smoking.  Everyone here smokes btw... I feel like I'm back in Europe.  I have the permanent smell of cigarette. yay! haha

Guess what???  Addison as you know me is changing..... #1.  I think I like eggs now.... what????  weird, I know.  I've been trying to like them for about a year now... like when Kylie or Jordan would make them I'd every once in a blue moon have a tiny nibble.... well people here like to feed us eggs... So I realized, its time to like them.  And I’m obviously not a huge fan yet, but I can eat scrambled without throwing up!  yay!!!!!!  A whole new world of Breakfast foods is opened to me!!!  
#2.... People ask me for advice on fashion.... Nicole, you're probably cracking up right now.   But I’m not kidding.  They come into my room in the morning for ideas/ if something matches/ whatever.  Weird.  I guess this is obvious proof that I'm with sister missionaries, but still.... weird.  

Oh I have a Facebook you can check out... I haven’t really been on it much, so there’s not a ton to look at, but we do facebook stuff every once and a while so you can see my stuff/pictures/whatever. We can’t be friends, but you can look me up (Addison Davis (missionary)) and its not locked so you can look at it!  and look at my friends (esp my companion, Alison Jones) and you can see other pictures/more stuff in Palmyra!

Okay so Monday Andy made us the best lunch ever.  He's just so grateful for all the stuff we have been teaching him so he wanted to do something nice for us!  He grilled the best steaks... ya know how i love my steak haha... and a bunch of random or'derves  (no clue how to spell that) and the BEST FRUIT SALAD I have ever had.  oh my gosh.  Seriously, the fruit was so good.... a huge bowl of all my favorites... and then he was glad that I liked the mango so much that he sent it all home with me. Seriously, the BEST mango I have ever had.  oh my gosh.  I love fruit so much.  So anyways, we taught him while we ate, and then we went to the Hill to watch the Restoration movie with him.  I've seen the movie a ton of times, but it was SO COOL watching this time with Andy and seeing how it affected him.  The spirit was so incredibly strong, and he finally really opened to us, and knows that he can trust us.  It was so so neat.  Missionary work is seriously the best.  Everyone should do it.  

So the weather is turning to Springy weather!  yay!!!   Yesterday we did our site study on top of the Hill Cumorah... which looks out through all of Palmyra... it was so neat.  I didn’t even wear tights that day!!   Which means my legs are really white... super embarrassing how white they are... but that’s not really my priority for the next couple years... even though I am secretly hoping we do a lot of stuff outside so I can be on the sun!  

Monday night we kept having this feeling we should visit a less-active named Rhonda.  We didn’t have time though and it just wasn’t working out.  Then some other things got canceled though and we went to see her.  It was so neat that we did listen and change our plans, because she was in desperate need of some love and spiritual upliftment for the day.  It's just so neat how the Lord provides a way every time if we are receptive to the promptings we receive.  It is so cool being on a mission where we can always have the companionship of the holy ghost!

Well, stuff is great!!  I miss you all so much!  I sent a letter to Grandma Davis, but it got sent back for some reason, so I'll send it again.   But until it arrives just tell her how much I love her and miss her and have her hang in there!  She's still in my prayers everyday!  As is grandpa.  

I love you all so much!  Mothers day is soon... which means another phone call!!!  yayyy!!!
Have a wonderful week!!  Thanks for everything!  And for the letters!  And Sam for the package!

Love Addison!

oh ps, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!   wish I was there to celebrate with you guys!!!!  love you!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Week 8

HI!!!!   So life is so great.  I am loving it here.  Seriously.  Everything is awesome.  First things first... you've been asking about mail, send everything to the Kreag address.  Packages, letters, everything.  And just send it through normal priority mail... no ups or fedex.  I eventually get those.. But they can't forward them to me and so I have to wait till I go to the mission home which isn’t very often.  But I got your packages and mail you've sent so far... well I think I've got all of it... package from Nicole and mom and letters from momma... anyways...

So I am totally becoming a New Yorker.  Really.  Pizza in NY is honestly better than anywhere else. Now I know why ppl always made a big deal about it.  Also, there is the MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNSETS I have ever seen!!  Oh my gosh.  Gorgeous,.  Sunrise and sunset everyday through the trees of the Sacred Grove... does it get better than that?  I don’t think so.

Okay so last week I had to give my first tour by myself at the Joseph Smith Farm... but it was super scary because I hadn't ever given one with my comp... Usually you go with somebody the first few times to learn how, but there were so many ppl that I just had to go on my own.  It was terrifying.  I walked back to give it and just prayed the entire time that I would be able to do it and the Lord totally answered my prayers.. seriously amazing.  Things that I didn’t think I had remembered came back to me and I was able to bear witness of the Sacred events that took place here and it was just seriously amazing.  Heavenly Father blesses us so much.  Everyday I just see countless miracles and the Lord's hand in this great work. So cool.

So we have this investigator named Andy.... you guys, he is SO LEGIT!!!!  Oh my gosh.  He came into the Grandin bldg a few days before I got here and said he wanted help to quit smoking.  They told him about an addiction recovery program sponsored by the church and he said thanks... but "don’t try to convert me b/c I'm not interested at all"  well at the mtg he decided he actually wanted to listen to us.... so we've been teaching him and he is awesome.  He is a super devout Catholic and actually just finished some sort of Seminary thing (I don’t really know what it is) to become a catholic priest.... but he just feels like this (the mormon thing) may actually be Gods plan for him.  I am just so stoked for him.  He believes in Joseph Smith and our prophets... he comes to church with us and totally prays in Sunday school... he's so awesome.  He wants to watch all 5 sessions of conference this weekend... what???  So cool.  

We have a lot of other cool ppl we are teaching right now as well!!  mom, you’ve been asking about food.... we get fed at members homes a few times a week... its been interesting... we live in a VERY poor area, so its super neat to see the members' faith and love for the Lord even in their poor financial circumstances... but with these poor circumstances, means they can’t afford cleaning materials.... its slightly awkward when they serve you dinner on a plate that hasn’t been washed and you see a their entire week's worth of dinner... yummmm.   But they are so sweet and kind to feed us and make that sacrifice.  I just pray extra hard to not get sick.  

Anyways, all is well!  I love you tons!  Thanks for everything!!!

Love, Addison