Thursday, March 28, 2013

Week 7

GREETINGS from New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made it. finally.  NYRM ... New York Rochester Mission... aka (me and my comp came up with this today... Not Your Regular Mission).. I'll get to that in a sec.

So I finished VC Training.  It was seriously so good.  Saturday night we went to Temple Square where we were legit missionaries.  I was terrified.  We awkwardly chased down a Peruvian family so I could practice Spanish... Well, lets just say it was interesting.  But actually I asked him to talk slower I understood and we had a nice conversation and I was able to bear my testimony to him.  So neat.  I already love being a missionary.  And I saw John and Jill!!!!!!  I was super shocked to see them but it was super neat.  So glad I got to tell them hi!  And I cannot believe Sam was there and I didn’t see him...  what are the odds?  But maybe it’s for the best... no sé. 

So Monday morning I woke up at 2:30 am and we hit up the airport.  All million of us missionaries... they totally take our luggage in a semi.  I was cracking up.  Talking on the phone was the best thing ever!!  To my favorite ppl!!!   sorry I missed ya boys-- I love you mucho!!!!  After a long flight we had a layover in Michigan and then our second flight got delayed so we sat on the runway for over two hours.  party.  But I talked to a nice Jewish guy (he had absolutely no interest in the church) and it was super cool.  go team.

We finally got in Rochester and went back to the Mission home for dinner/meetings/whatever.  LATE NIGHT.  Oh my goodness.... there were 20 of us who just came in... Which is the biggest number they’ve ever had (elders and sisters) and so everything just took way longer than normal.  My 1st interview with my mission president was at 12:30 am in my PJ's.... *(Yes, I like to be classy).  (also don’t worry mom... everyone was in their pjs... I wasn’t the only outcast.... well the pres wasn’t in his... but anyways)  So I LOVE Pres and sister Christianson.  On my goodness.  They are seriously the best ever.  Pres C. is seriously the most inspiring person I have ever met.  Every time he talks I am just overcome with the Spirit and the desire to be the best I can be.  I have never met anybody so loving and powerful.  They are so great.

So I live in the WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!  Really. It’s called the white house... (cause its a a big white house).  6 of us live there.  Its huge.  Huge room. Huge walk in closet... huge everything.  I'm in love.  A huge lawn, picnic table... just this adorable little east coast home.  I love the area.  Everything is old and so full of history.  I feel like I'm living in the past... if that makes any sense at all.  My companion is SISTER JONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Davis and Jones.... always together!   I seriously cracked up when he told me that I would be with a Jones... anyways.  She is AWESOME!   I can tell we're going to be super close.  She is from Austin TX and goes to BYU... exercise science major.  She is so great.  In our few days together we are already super tight.  Speaking of which, her grandpa (who she is really close to) died last night and its been really hard.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers. This is the 4th death on my mission of somebody really close to my comp/roomie... I am just so grateful for the Gospel and the knowledge that we can be with our families forever.  It is such a comfort and blessing.  I am learning how to be a girl and comfort others.  If my mission were to end today I would be satisfied because of what a girl at the MTC told me... I helped her out a lot when her cousin died (also super good friends... he commit suicide... terrible story).  But she told me the kindest things and just how grateful she was for me and my help.  She told me how I changed her life and what an example I am to her.  It seriously was so humbling and kind hearing that because I feel like I usually don’t really know how to comfort people and cry and all those other good motherly skills.  But I'm learning and hope to continue developing pure love and kindness for others.

On a more positive note.... So I live in Palmyra.  In the Marion village....   Everything here is called a village (weird... I thought Indians lived in villages in huts... shows my ignorance).  We do half proselyting, half VC.  We work at all the sites... the grandiin bldg, J.S. home/farm, Peter Whitmer Farm, and Hill Cumorah.  super neat.  It is crazy cause we have to do all the normal stuff and have the same types of numbers but we only have half the time.  Also, this area is kinda Mormon haters.... very slow for missionary work.  Challenge Accepted.  Watch out Rochester, Addi is here.

So I  have never been so busy in my life.... March 26 (aka the first full day I got here) was the 183 birthday for the first printing of the BoM.  So there was a huge open house/celebration thing that I was assigned to give tours for... awkward since I really don’t know anything.... I got to go on the tour once and then I had to give one.  Thank goodness this night was kinda different and so there were actors at the different locations and I didn’t have to say a ton.... but I'll learn.  They just gave the new chicas 4 text books (with the history for each site).  Lots of studying.. Speaking of studying... holy moly.  I have a lot.  So for the first 12 weeks of a mission they have the "12 week program" which means we have comp study for two hours a day.;... and so those 2 hours... and then 1 hour of personal study, and then 1 hour of site study, and then 1 hour of language study, and then one for Pageant training... aka 6 hours of study.... awkward.  Nobody has this kinda time... we're trying to figure out how to work it.  We're thinking down time at VC we can study.  Hopefully it works out.

So there isn’t much Spanish here.  My comp isn’t Spanish... none of the other 5 girls in the house are *except one girl is from Italy and she is adorable ).  Really I'll only get to use it for the pageant this summer.... when they need a lot for Spanish tours.  So I don’t really have anyone to practice on... i just get my own study.  wish ,me luck.  I need to be fluent by June.

Okay so something neat.... I have been called as the Hill Cumorah site trainer... honestly I don’t really know what that is yet, but I'll find out more soon.  Basically, for the pageant they focus on missionary work,.  So the cast is trained by 6 of us sisters how to do missionary work.  Three new pageant ppl, and then out 3 trainers.  So next summer (2014) for the pageant us three will be the main trainers and we will train 3 new sisters... does that make sense?  It’s a big deal... so they tell me.  And apparently quite the honor.  President told me in an interview that he knew he needed me to teach before he got my name or picture.  Cool stuff.   I just feel so blessed.   Its a constant reminder that this is exactly where I need to be right now.  (I just accidently bumped something on the keyboard and now everything is italicized...   awkward... never mind its normal again...) I will get to teach a bunch of members the power of missionary work and be a main contributor of that for the pageant.  Heavenly Father is always watching over me.  It should be good. 
Well, I’m out of time.

Love you all so much.  This is crazy busy... so much for missionaries going to bed at 1030.... we haven’t even got home from out sites till after then and then we have planning and a bunch of other stuff... but its so great.  I LOVE IT.  I’m doing super good and all is well.

My p-day is typically Thursday, but do to different site stuff, its subject to change occasionally.  Keep sending mail to the mission office,. The office the forwards it immediately to my mailbox.  But it cant forward on fedex/ups stuff.... just normal post office stuff please!

love you!!! 
Hermana D

ps... Every morning we go to the stake center right by our house at 6am to do Jillian Michaels shred it workout.  Awesome.  I’m sore.  but its seriously great.  and soon we can run because it will get warmer.  PS, I am freezing,. The past few days everyone is super stoked because apparently the weather is the warmest its been since October.... its colder than Provo ever was... and its the warmest here... ahhhhhh.   Bring on the cold I guess.  ps again, I think I forgot to tell you... I’m right by the sacred grove/temple... like I see it from my house.  Not too shabby.  Seriously I’m so lucky.

okay no more time. love me

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