Friday, March 22, 2013

Week 6!

Sup fambam.  So this week I started Visitor Center training!! what what.  Not gonna lie... VC often have a bad connotation... I've heard a few times at the MTC that we aren’t real missionaries... yes, I want to slap the ppl who tell me that.  (I didn’t...yet)  anyways, now that we have started training and I am actually learning what we do I am stoked.  This is going to be an amazing opportunity and I feel so blessed.  We do a lot of online missionary work (emails, chat, etc.... at first I wasn’t super into that because I wan  to actually meet the ppl I’m teaching, but I’ve already had amazing experiences with it.  Seriously, the world is our field.  Yesterday I taught real ppl from Germany, Netherlands, Texas, and New Jersey.  And it’s amazing how the Spirit and a testimony can be conveyed through the computer.  It's crazy how it works, but it does.  Thousands of baptisms happen every week strictly from online missionary work.. cool stuff.

So VC training = new class, new peeps... I'm still with my comp and the other two girls that I’ve been with, but everyone else is new (all girls since elders don’t got to VC's).  Ummmm, the girls have "sweet spirits".  It’s definitely teaching me SO MUCH patience.  I don't really know what else I can say about them... but I think its safe to say that I pray for love about a million times a day.  Yeah.....

So leaving our district/zone was so hard.  I love them a lot.  Most of our elders have their visas... a few are off to Mexico, there’s just a few more chilling here.  Also, my zone is really freaking out that I'm leaving because they no longer have a pianist... did I ever tell you I am pianist??  Go ahead and laugh for ten minutes.  Yep.... branch 44 pianist.  Its a calling.  Go me.  My life goal.  But nobody else in our whole zone can play and no new districts will be here for a few more weeks and so they are wondering how they will play the piano in church.. a capella I guess.... but like seriously... are we not Mormon??? Nobody else plays?  Weird.

Oh dad, thanks for all of your interesting packages!  The in-n-out shirt was expressed mailed.... the post office was freaking out that I didn’t pick it up asap... like I had to sign for it and it was super intense and they sent me 5 notifications in one day to come get it... basically I was terrified because I didn’t know what it was and they kept telling me there was something vital I needed.... I finally get to the mail room and open it and its an in-and-out shirt.  Everyone cracked up forever.  viva California.  I tried to take a pic in it to send you, but I didn’t.... well it got erased.  A very kind hermana told me that "you look hideous."  Thanks sister... always knowing how to make my day!  I replied... ".. its just fro my dad. he loves me no matter what."  And she said," not after he sees this pic..."  and then she legit erased it.  She told me to never look like that again!... the sad thing- that’s pretty much how I look all them time.  awkward.  Normal smile, normal hair, normal makeup.... but apparently its a hideous look.  And she wasn’t kidding.  whatever... haters gonna hate. And I enjoy my extra hour of sleep every morning... yes she wakes up at 530 to get ready.  whatever floats your boat.... the point of the story... I think I'm getting more unfortunate looking.  Please still love me.      ALSO, thanks for the bandana/Indian tribes.... everyday at lunch we study different American Indian tribes.  I'm learning quite a bit from the little postcard.  who knew?

So I'm teaching the sisters how to have fun.  The girls residence at night is the most boring place ever.  It saddens my heart.  So I constructed a basketball hoop out of hangers and yarn.... I invent games like b-ball/ Inca ball game (think the road to el dorado when they play the game with the ball and have to get it though that little hoop).  Its quite a fun game.... well one day I dunked and it kinda broke... so it turned into a dream catcher.... and then yesterday I added confetti and a huge punching balloon to it and now its kinda like a disco ball.  I don’t know why I’m telling you this.  oh well.

Also, thanks SO MUCH for everyone who sent packages this week.... Can you thank some of them for me momma....  John & Jill/their family, Kimara and Ashlyn Parkinson, Sam, Grandpa/G-ma Armstrong, Deeanna, Jarmans, and anybody else who I cant think of at this exact moment if I forgot anyone.;...  THANK YOU!!!!  Everyone is so kind and supportive and I am so grateful for all of you.  Really.  Everyone does such a good job at making me feel loved and rememberd!!  and obviously thanks momma for all of your packages.... ps... everyone sends me mints... which everyone jokes that ppl must think i have terrible breath... but I love the mints. 

Okay dad, I read your letter to my comp because I was literally crying I was laughing so hard (the one where you are venting at the Riverside place for the house add-ions).  I haven’t laughed that long in a LONG TIME.  You win.  And I think I legit scared my comp when I read the Nazi/Russian parts.... some people just don’t understand our humor.  I feel bad for them because we're quite funny.... and then HARRISON... ahhh you wrote me!!!   I almost cried!  You are just too sweet.  A beautiful letter is coming for you!  I would just like to point out that you caved in first.  I win (like always).  I ready your letter out loud too.... its safe to say that between you and dads letters, everyone is scared of me now.  oh well.  i thoroughly enjoyed it.
Brandon!!!  I'm so sorry about your leg!  You always have to get hurt in b-ball season.  without fail.  Enjoy ppl serving you in your time of immobility!    I'm praying you heal fast so you can get back before championships!!!!!

okay, well I'm outa time.  love you all.  no clue when I'll write again... but when I do I'll be in NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!  holla!!!!!!  I leave super early Monday morning.... ps, I legit have like zero time to talk... Nicole i cant tell if you were serious when you said "even if its only for 30 minutes..."  I don’t even have that much time total.... yeah.... I'll figure it out though....
Anyways, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Over and out from el CCM

love sista D

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