Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week 5

SUP!  Time is flying... I can’t even remember the week right now... 5 done, I think?  No se.

SO LIFE IS GREAT!!  Why you ask?  Because of Saturday..... Saturday was beautiful because STRAWBERRIES CAME!!!  yayyyy!!!!  Who knew that strawberries could make me so happy?  And you know how sometimes you don't expect them to taste very good... well this was the case when they appeared for the first time at lunch on Saturday.... but they ended up being the best strawberries I have ever had in my entire life.  Honestly.  Except it is kinda sad cause that’s the only meal we got them for (haven’t had them since) but its probably because they are in a deficit now... honestly.  Me and every other missionary probs had 20 each.  Strawberries and pineapple for lunch.. Whats better?   The main reason I'm so excited is because this means spring is amost here!!!!  Sunday on our temple walk I didn’t have to wear a jacket... sun = happy Addi.  We just sat on the grassy hill and soaked up the rays and life was good!!  ME ENCANTA PRIMAVERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So much.  And I will most definitely not take this beautiful weather for granted because.... So an elder in our district: his aunt lives in Rochester.... she is pretty weird and sends him really weird letters... this week she decided to send him the Rochester newspaper... no clue why.  Anyways, there was a weather forecast, so he gave it to me... and I'm heading back into 20 degree, snowy weather.  Yay.   I may actually miss Utah??  Never thought I'd say that...

Other good part about spring:  we get to be outside for gym... still in the MTC campus, but its so nice being outdoors!  Me and my comp run around the MTC and she is a cross country/track star... seriously amazing.... she ran in college.... And I feel bad slowing her down with my lack of running skills, so I just die and try to keep up... It’s super good for me, but its also death.  Maybe I can become a runner out of this?  Probs not.  She's seriously a huge inspiration.

Okay so story... MOST UNLUCKY MAIL WEEK EVER!!!!  My new roomie (Sista SlimJim) is a clepto.  but seriously.  She stole my letters.  I'm not even kidding.  I left letters on my bed to send after lunch a few days ago, and I get back to the room to hurry and mail them and they aren’t there.... I seriously SEARCH the room, tear apart my bed, look EVERYWHERE... they are nowhere to be found.  I figure I must have brought them with me somewhere and then lost them.  I was SO SAD!!!!!  Well a few days pass and I walk back into the room one day and there are all the letters sitting on my bed... weird.  So I ask the other sisters in the room if they know anything about this little phenomenon, and they all deny it.... okay, whatever... at least I got them back... I wont question it... WELL.... the clepto's comp comes up to me later and says that the letters have been in ladron (theif's) purse for the past few days....  and then they just left (they were English speaking so were only in the MTC for 12 days) and Sister SlimJim realized she had no need for them so she returned them.... weird.  Some ppl just take pleasure in stealing letters I guess....  SO my letters that I wrote were MIA, and then the other unfortunate part:  I didn't get any letters.... apparently the mail room hates me too.  I figured "hey I just didn’t get mail this week... esta bien.... letters are for the weak.... blah blah blah....."  And as the rest of my district read their letters I read the scriptures!!!!!!!  yayyyy!!!  Well last night they all came finally... (I kinda think Sista SlimJim was volunteering in the mailroom and hiding them... real talk)  I guess its kinda cool, because  I now hold the new record for getting the most letters in one sitting!!  Thanks team, for helping me win.  And thanks for loving me.  And thanks for being my friend.  Except harry, because you wont tell me anything.  MORAL of the story:  Some ppl just take joy in stealing letters, and therefore we should hide them.  I learned my lesson.  Our new roomies arrive today... hopefully they don't have weird clepto habits as well.

Other news... I still don’t know my plan.... neither do the elders in our district.  They are technically supposed to head out for Mexico Monday morning, but none of them have travel plans and they are waiting on their visas... usually they just get reassigned, but they were told that they aren’t doing that for them.... so we're all super in the dark... I start V.C. training next week... possibly Monday, but I have no clue.  And next week I'll have a new schedule and stuff so I have clue when my next p-day will be.... so I guess you'll here from me someday.... or maybe just when I get to NY.... no se.   But keep your phones ready for when I call you from the airport!!!!!!!!!

So each week there are more and more girls.... it's seriously amazing.  We have RS each Sunday in the main gym thing, and my 1st week here we didn’t even fill up the front ground section.... this past week we filled up the entire ground and the entire bleachers behind it.  Seriously insane.  Also with more girls= more "Barbie girls"  ya know what I mean by this??  I mean, I'm sure they are nice and have strong testimony and all this stuff.... but not gonna lie... they look really slutty and I'm surprised that they don't get in trouble.  I passed a girl balling yesterday.... wanna know why??  cause she just found out you cant get spray tans/go to a tanning bed on your mission.  Poor thing.  My heart is just aching for her in this difficult time. 

BACHELOR!!!  I liked Catherine.... I approve.

LOVE the air fresheners... thanks mom.  I switch off using it in the classroom and my bedroom.  Our classroom is one germ-invested hot mess that always reeks.  gross.  Everyone is sick and the germs just spread back and forth to everyone.  Somebody is always coughing/sniffling/something gross and we all just take turns every few days.  oh well.  ALSO, loved the vans box.. good call... I mean, I was super stoked cause I thought you sent me a new pair of vans, but everyone else was much happier with the air fresheners.  My district loves you momma.

Well, not much else going on.  I do the same thing all day everyday, so pretty much that's all i got to say.  Spirit is strong and I'm learning lots!  Its kinda scary that I'll be out teaching real ppl soon.... in Spanish.... ahhhh.  Wish me luck... Tambien:  Gracias for sus cartas en Espanol!  me encanta!  Y yo entiendi todos.... especialamente nicoles... buen hecho. Estoy aprendiendo gustar espanol!  LOCO!!  pero bien!

Anyways, I love you all!  have a fabulous week!!  Mom, feel free to drive by and wave!  enjoy your Utah time!  You're always in my prayers!  Keep me updated with grandma Davis please! 

love your favorite person ever

pic with 6 of us.... our new (now old cause they left)  roomies... short hair girl (that kinda looks asian on the far left) = slimjim clepto chick.

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