Thursday, March 7, 2013

Week 4! (One month mark!)

HI!!!   Holy Moly... one month down.  It flew by but at the same time it literally feels like I have been here forever.   But if the 1st month went by this fast, then I know all the next ones will go by even faster.  Crazy.
So last Wednesday they finally gave us roommates... the girls are really sweet.... they are going to Idaho, English speaking so they are only here for 12 days.  Crazy.  They're cool but one of them is obsessed with slim jims... they bring her comfort.  Well we all know I have a sensitive nose... they smell TERRIBLE.  Like I really want to throw up all the time because the smell of nasty slim jim never leaves our room... and she bunks on top of me, and so she just throws the wrapper onto the floor when she finishes, and then I get to smell it by my head all night.  gross.  oh well.
So I really wish you could witness what goes down in the bathroom each night... like I would record but that would be really creepy.  Let's just say that is the only place in the world where you have an American Idol competition every night.  So annoying.  One girl starts singing in the shower and then everyone tries to outshine her... and it seriously gets intense... like sometimes I get nervous a cat fight is gonna break out. Real talk.  And we hear a combo of Sound of music harmonies, hymns, and Britney Spears... all the timeeeeee.  very entertaining.  always.  yeah.
Random note to BYU people... for all of you who walk into the CougarEat everyday and wonder how the heck Teriyaki Sticks is still in business... we have the MTC to thank for that... Usually we have "Friday night pizza night" here... with a million boxes of Papa Johns... I tried to do the math to figure out how much it must cost, but I got too lazy to finish... anyways, sometimes they take a break from pizza to do terriyaki stix.... they literally buy millions of dishes  (slight exaggeration) for us.  And it tastes just as bad here as it does anywhere else... you're welcome for sharing this cause I'm sure you were really curious.
So Sunday... it was Fast Sunday... I was slightly concerned that I would die of starvation because we have the last dinner shift (630)... and at home on fast Sunday you can take naps/watch movies/whatever to make the time go faster.... well here we have a classroom to study in to make it go by faster... and the hours that we would normally spend eating= extra time to study.  But actually it wasn’t bad at all and my fast went super well.  Yay!!  I didn't get your DearElder till Monday mom, but I did a fast for grandma... and some of my roomies did it too.  She is always in my thoughts and prayers,.  Please give her a big hug for me!  And keep me updated with her surgery on Friday!
Also, on Sunday, we had our temple walk... but it was raining... so everyone was wearing their raincoats... which for the most part are black... and everyone had their black umbrellas and it seriously looked like one huge funeral march.  I thought it was funny.... not sure if that really is funny, or I'm just losing sense of what is really funny since I’ve been in the MTC bubble for a month now. 
We have a new game... it's called if you speak in English you get slapped.  Like legit slapped hard in the face.  That said, SYL is getting a lot better (syl= speak your langauge).  It's definitely helping my Spanish!!    Luckily the first person to crack has always been an elder, so none of us hermanas have got slapped yet... hopefully it stays that way.
NICOLE::::  I need your new address.  thanks.
This Sunday is daylight savings.... which = less sleep... which means we pretty much have sac mtg. at 6:30 in the morning.  I really don’t think that should even be allowed.  Wish me luck.  And then our teacher made a joke about how we should just go to bed earlier... but they don’t let us go to bed early!!!  I JUST WANT A NAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Next summer I guess...
Do you know the Shallembuerger's (totally spelled that wrong)... Our Branch Presidency got changed this past Sunday and Brother S. is our new 1st counselor.  He has businesses in Hemet and Perris!   It's some energy thing... he said he spoke at the Hemet youth conference last year. He's a really cool guy.
So neat experience: A few days ago I was teaching Hermana hill and she was supposed to think of a reason to not be baptized... I started teaching her and then I just felt this overwhelming feeling to talk about faith.  It didn’t really have to do with the lesson at all, but I went with it anyways.  She started crying when I brought this up and said how it had nothing to do with her "reason" she made up for lesson purposes, but just what she needed to hear for her personal life.  It is so neat how the spirit is always with us and prompting us on what to do.  The spirit is everything here and I am so grateful for it's constant companionship.  I have a million tender mercies given to me every week.  Heavenly Father is blessing me so much.  And I am so thankful for the little reminders and neat experiences that I always receive.  It's seriously an amazing feeling. 
So Harry is dumb and forgets his parka at swim meets... maybe if you get hypothermia you'll lose some of your tan.  Just saying.  ALSO... mom says you and Brandon refuse to write unless you get personal letters... are you not getting my mail????????  I sent you both "personal letters".  Get over yourself and tell me about your life.
Thanks for the candy Brandon.  My district loves you. (So do I).  Also have fun on your field trip... good thing you care about taco bell and not science.... don't worry, I would totally be the same way.
Good luck in all your RS stuff this week mama!  You got it!!  You work harder than anybody I know, so it will all go great!  Wish I was there to help out!  I miss you tons!!!\\
Dad, out fireside last night was from a 70 member... I don’t remember how to say his name... he's from Brazil... it was super good and it was all about the different kingdoms... what you told me in that letter last week.  like d &c 76... I don’t know how, but you always are one step ahead of everything I learn here and keeping me prepared.  Thanks for sharing stuff with your bud. 
Anyways, I'm about out of time.  I love you tons.  thanks so much for sending all this stuff mom... I really appreciate it.  The post office probably has my address memorized.  I'll try not to forget things in the future!   I still don’t really know about leaving dates yet, but I'll keep you posted. And as far as sheets and blanket and whatnot... just don’t worry about it for now cause I have no clue.  But i'll keep you posted. 
Thanks so much!!!!  I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  First one I'm missing ever... wahhhhh.  okay this is all.
Te quiero,

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