Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week 3!

HI!!!!!!!  Okay, weird emailing today, but whatever.  So I'm three weeks down!!  Which is slightly depressing, because I feel like I've been here for months already.... but its all good!!  The rest of my district is celebrating hump day today.... (which in the mtc = you are half way done--at your hump)  however, I have the lovely opportunity to be here 7 weeks instead of 6... so my humpday will just have to wait a few more days.  oh well.
first off before I forget....
NICOLE:  where did you find those sparkly smelly pens?? they are seriously the best pens of my life and remind me of elementary school days when we used gel pens and we had TONS and they never worked but they were cool anyways because they glowed  (glew?) in the dark and were the best ever.... anyways, these are way better and I use them everyday and my district all takes turns smelling them... not creepy... anyways, I'm worried they are gonna run out of ink... so if you ever find similar ones, I'll totally pay you to get me more.... anyways....
Also, things I forgot at home and need that I always forget to tell you... SOCKS!!  awkward... like exercise socks... they're all in that drawer.  I remembered a few, but not enough... so if you wanna send a few more pair I'd appreciate that.  Also, my white modbod shirts.... have you seen those at home... cause I totally forgot them.  and there's more stuff i forgot but I cant remember at the moment.. so oh well.  OH!  and do you want to send me some more sheet protector things.... ya know what I'm talking about... I keep getting things i want to put in them in my binder but I ran out.... that would be nice... thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SOOOOO.... life is good here.  Last night for our devotional Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke to us.  It was amazing and so neat because he was talking specifically to us and our needs.  The spirit was so strong and I could feel his sincere love for us and the work we are doing.    We've had tons of really good speakers....  Relief Society is the best every week... seriously it always boosts my spirits.  There is always a general authority talking to us... so far we've had a member of the general RS, YW and primary,.  so neat!!!  lots of other cool people too... presidency of the 70, and others, i just forgot their names... oops. 
Also, can I get some NEWS in here please??  I seriously feel so out of the world.... Apparently Russia's getting attacked by asteroids and Boy Scouts are having issues and a bunch of other stuff.... and I'm so out of the loop.... we could be in WW3 and I'd have no idea....

So funny Lesson stories....
we teach in spanish.,.. and clearly our spanish is nowhere near perfect so we've all had a few slip-ups in our lessons.... here's some of the highlights:
1.   Somebody told the investigator:  " Jesus Christ is my lover"... they meant to say Jesus Christ loves us....
2.  One of our investigator's is the bishop's son's best friend... that's how we contacted him... so the elders meant to say :You're friends with the bishops son?"... but it came out... you're dating the bishop's son??  He popped up and declared he's not gay and marched out of the room... hahahaha  (he came back in right after laughing)
3.  Somebody bore testimony-- "I KNOW the Book of Mormon IS the Pearl of Great Price."
4.  One of our investigators is scared of judgment... well judgment = Juicio.... and Jew= Judio..... so the sisters explained that yes, Jew's are really scary, but if we repent, we don't need to be scared of them hahahah
5.  and finally... this one is me and my comps story....   We have an investigator named Albano...  We always joke how it sounds like el bano (bathroom)... well.... my comp was praying for him in our lesson and says "we are so grateful to teach el bano....  please bless el bano...."  seriously hilarious,.  we were dieing.  I was legit biting my hand as hard as i could so I wouldn't make noise in the prayer....   And then I've been memorizing the first vision... well the end of it is "etsa es me hijo Amado..."  Amado means beloved.... well Amado kinda sounds like Albano.... maybe i called him that.... maybe he felt really awkward.... oops..... so between my comp and i he is our beloved bathroom.... oh well..   he's going to church on Sunday, so its all good!!! 
Anyways, I'm out of time,.... I love you all!!!  thanks for everything.  I'm so grateful for your prayers letters and support.  I'm working hard!!  pinky promise!! 
Te quiero,
Sista D.

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