Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week 3!

HI!!!!!!!  Okay, weird emailing today, but whatever.  So I'm three weeks down!!  Which is slightly depressing, because I feel like I've been here for months already.... but its all good!!  The rest of my district is celebrating hump day today.... (which in the mtc = you are half way done--at your hump)  however, I have the lovely opportunity to be here 7 weeks instead of 6... so my humpday will just have to wait a few more days.  oh well.
first off before I forget....
NICOLE:  where did you find those sparkly smelly pens?? they are seriously the best pens of my life and remind me of elementary school days when we used gel pens and we had TONS and they never worked but they were cool anyways because they glowed  (glew?) in the dark and were the best ever.... anyways, these are way better and I use them everyday and my district all takes turns smelling them... not creepy... anyways, I'm worried they are gonna run out of ink... so if you ever find similar ones, I'll totally pay you to get me more.... anyways....
Also, things I forgot at home and need that I always forget to tell you... SOCKS!!  awkward... like exercise socks... they're all in that drawer.  I remembered a few, but not enough... so if you wanna send a few more pair I'd appreciate that.  Also, my white modbod shirts.... have you seen those at home... cause I totally forgot them.  and there's more stuff i forgot but I cant remember at the moment.. so oh well.  OH!  and do you want to send me some more sheet protector things.... ya know what I'm talking about... I keep getting things i want to put in them in my binder but I ran out.... that would be nice... thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SOOOOO.... life is good here.  Last night for our devotional Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke to us.  It was amazing and so neat because he was talking specifically to us and our needs.  The spirit was so strong and I could feel his sincere love for us and the work we are doing.    We've had tons of really good speakers....  Relief Society is the best every week... seriously it always boosts my spirits.  There is always a general authority talking to us... so far we've had a member of the general RS, YW and primary,.  so neat!!!  lots of other cool people too... presidency of the 70, and others, i just forgot their names... oops. 
Also, can I get some NEWS in here please??  I seriously feel so out of the world.... Apparently Russia's getting attacked by asteroids and Boy Scouts are having issues and a bunch of other stuff.... and I'm so out of the loop.... we could be in WW3 and I'd have no idea....

So funny Lesson stories....
we teach in spanish.,.. and clearly our spanish is nowhere near perfect so we've all had a few slip-ups in our lessons.... here's some of the highlights:
1.   Somebody told the investigator:  " Jesus Christ is my lover"... they meant to say Jesus Christ loves us....
2.  One of our investigator's is the bishop's son's best friend... that's how we contacted him... so the elders meant to say :You're friends with the bishops son?"... but it came out... you're dating the bishop's son??  He popped up and declared he's not gay and marched out of the room... hahahaha  (he came back in right after laughing)
3.  Somebody bore testimony-- "I KNOW the Book of Mormon IS the Pearl of Great Price."
4.  One of our investigators is scared of judgment... well judgment = Juicio.... and Jew= Judio..... so the sisters explained that yes, Jew's are really scary, but if we repent, we don't need to be scared of them hahahah
5.  and finally... this one is me and my comps story....   We have an investigator named Albano...  We always joke how it sounds like el bano (bathroom)... well.... my comp was praying for him in our lesson and says "we are so grateful to teach el bano....  please bless el bano...."  seriously hilarious,.  we were dieing.  I was legit biting my hand as hard as i could so I wouldn't make noise in the prayer....   And then I've been memorizing the first vision... well the end of it is "etsa es me hijo Amado..."  Amado means beloved.... well Amado kinda sounds like Albano.... maybe i called him that.... maybe he felt really awkward.... oops..... so between my comp and i he is our beloved bathroom.... oh well..   he's going to church on Sunday, so its all good!!! 
Anyways, I'm out of time,.... I love you all!!!  thanks for everything.  I'm so grateful for your prayers letters and support.  I'm working hard!!  pinky promise!! 
Te quiero,
Sista D.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week 2

Hi!!!!!  I made it through another week. Go me.  First things first before I forget:  HOW COME NOBODY EVER ASKED ME ABOUT A MISSION PLAQUE???????????????  I meant to address this last week but of forgot... I'm not that much of a disgrace that I can't make the mission wall... right??  Well, if you want to plaque me up, my mission scrip is Alma 36: 24.  yeah....

Anyways, how is everyone!!  I'm doing good and feel like I'm really in my routine here now.  Other than sore legs from hiking up a million flights of stairs everyday, I am doing lovely (ps, I'm expecting to be in great shape by the end of this... our classroom is on the 5th floor and we aren't allowed to use elevators, and we go up and down SO MANY times everyday)...  oh also, I have this weird bite on my neck... I think it may be a spider bite... i'm just waiting to wake up with super powers any day now...

This week was so good.  As always I feel like the spirit is with me so often and I seriously just feel so good here.... everyone makes fun of the MTC and calls it jail and stuff (I'm one of these people) but honestly its so great.  There is no other place where the Spirit is so constant and people are so kind and loving.  I really do like it here. 

I told you I love my district last week... well now I love them all even more.  We maybe love each other too much... it's hard to focus and study all the time because we all can just sit and talk and play forever... but we set goals, and we're all trying really hard to work hard when we are supposed to be.  Wish us luck.  Because we can get distracted really easily.  This week I was feeling kind of down at some points, but Sunday was such a rejuvenation (I don't know if that made sense, but hopefully you catch my drift)... I was kinda just feeling homesick and wondering why I'm even out here and just a bunch of down emotions, but then in Relief Society on Sunday a girl did a musical number to the song "Be still My soul".  it was seriously the most beautiful thing i have ever heard.  She truly sounded like an angel and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace.  I don't necessarily know all the reasons I am here and that everything will go perfect, but if I have faith in the Lord, He will bless me and help me the entire time.  I'm so glad she sang and I seriously felt so good after,.  I literally felt the arms of a loving Heavenly Father wrap around me and let me know that everything was going to be alright.  super neat stuff.

On a less spiritual note.... MOM WINS!!!!!!!!!!  So many people said they would give me weekly Bachelor updates and nobody has... except mom told me that Princess Tierra was kicked off finally... thanks mom.  I'd appreciate it if you would all fill me in cause I need to know that dear Sean is making the right decisions.  thanks.

So every missionary here gets a free haircut... so i'm wondering if that also involves a free hair dye.... cause if so, I'm totally going brunette.  It's time.  I kinda just wanna freak you all out.... so maybe I'll send home a picture with me in brown form.  we'll see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Dad, remember way back last fall when I was trying to decide on a mission and you sent me that email and talk of I think Elder scott???  can you send me that again.... both what you wrote and the talk.  I would really like to have that with me!  It's probably from late October.... so if you wanna find that, I'd really appreciate it!!!

This week the hermanas in mi districto sang in the choir... it was really neat.  that's kinda all i have to say about that. but really... neat experience.  definitely the biggest choir i've ever seen... like 800 ppl.  thats a lot of ppl.

congrats on Daisy Chain!!!!  Seriously I am happy for you and your nerdy ways!  (there was no sarcasm in that comment at all.... i promise... like really)  I'm so glad i could be a good example to you all these years and you could learn from me.  You're welcome.   Also, how was the SAT's????  Have you been hanging out with the cool kids on the weekend (aka acadec) to go play jeopardy???  i'm so proud!  also..... I HAVE EYES EVERYWHERE..... I KNOW WHAT YOU KEEP UNDER YOUR STEERING WHEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I do NOT approve of you stealing my weapons.  Return my stun gun now.  Even though i'm not using it, I can't trust you with it... just like I cant trust you with my laptop... and that's why it is locked in a safe... Dad.... please tell me it's still locked in a safe...????  Also, I could use some of my weapons... definitely need a knife... and my pepper spray would be nice... but that can wait till I hit up the BA (big apple... rochester.... land of farms... and trees)  anyways, no easy access stun gun for you Harry.  Yes i called you Harry.  Yes i hope that made you mad.

Anyways, I love you all and miss you so much!!!  thank you so much for your letters, packages, prayers, and whatever else.  they seriously mean so much to me.  I always took for granted that I could just talk to you everyday... I have so much always want to tell you and one email a week just doesn't cut it!!  Brandon, keep the Lakers info coming!!  How's our injured player Pau (ps, i have no clue how to spell his name... embarrassing .  Also good job on your games!! Mom keeps me updated and it sounds like you are pretty much at Kobe's level.  Shoot some hoops for me please!!

Nicole, i LOVED your email this morning... i read it to everyone and we were all cracking up... the part about Payten.  Just send her out with me... she can be my comp.  But really.  She'd probably get spanish before I did with all that Dora she watches.  speaking of which, Spanish is going really well!!!  I'm not fluent by any means, but the lessons I teach go really well, and I understand most stuff, and I can read the scriptures and understand!!!  Seriously such a blessing! 

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!!!!!!!  Have fun with no school and enjoy that long drive from Texas!!!!  Keep the letters and dear elders coming!!  they seriously make my day EVERYDAY!!    I love you and miss you like crazy!!  You're always in my prayers!

Love your favorite missionary/daughter/child/ everything 

ps. So I finally found out about pictures...the only way to send them is in the laundry room...and I'm not in there. oops!... So next week get ready for pictures!!!!!! Sorry! but the good news is that I'm not computer incompetent. It's the computer and not me!!!! Good thing I wasted a bunch of time trying to figure it out :( okay, love you tonssssssssss!!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week 1

Hi familia!!!!

Wow, so much to tell you and no time to type it all!!!  So ignore all the mistakes I'm about to make.  I love it here.  Not gonna lie... it's hard and the first week was extremely overwhelming.  Everyone says we'll have our highest highs and our lowest lows here.  They are totally right... I didn't realize I could have them all in one day though!!!  Sometimes its really hard, but then I'll hear a talk, give a lesson, or just see God's hand and recieve tender mercies that let me know that it is all going to be okay! 

I love my companion!  Her name is Hermana West.  She is from Nampa Idaho (right by Boise).  We get along really well and I am learning so much from her.  We are also always with the other hermanas in our distrcit.... Hermana Hill y Hermana Cash.  They are serving in the San Fran/Oakland mission also in a vistors center!  We are all roomates right now and we pretty much do everything together.  With the millions of girls now serving missions they refurbished an old building and we are the first ones ever to stay in our room!  Which means nice stuff everywhere!!!!  yay!!  There are 6 people to a room, but there are only 4 of us which = extra space!  We're hoping they don't put new people in it today.... but if they do that's fine... i'm trying really hard to stay optimistic about everything and not complain.  I have heard so many amazing talks this week and they really have made me want to become a much better person.  I have seriously grown so much in this past week... like this kindof progress could have taken a serious year at home.  I'm already feeling so blessed and loved.  Speaking of not complaing... its hard sometimes with some of these rules....  rule 1:  We have to have color on our lips.  Like color that stands out.  And as my lovely roomates expalined to me once... I look terrible with color because I don't wear face makeup... and its totally true.  So i just look like a freak.... oh well.  But the MTC pres wife seriously comes and checks to see that we have on lipstick.  awkward.  also no gum.  i'm actually doing really well with that one... tic tacs it is!   thanks for the life savers mama.... they've been much needed. 

I LOVE MY DISTRICT!!!  There are 12 of us... 4 hermanas y 8 elders.  All of the elders are going to different places in Mexico and then Rochester for me and my compy and then CA for the other sistas.  We all get along so well and I seriously love them like family already.   We have one of the bigger districts (at least thats what ppl tell us) and one of the smallest classrooms... it's very tight.  so we constantly have space wars.... trying to maneuver in an out of desks is actually hard but I think I've mastered it.  We spend all of our time pretty much in this classroom and I am learning to love sitting.  yay.  

So sorry if you don't get pictures this week... I seriously have no clue how to attach them and there is a timer that will kick me off the computer.... but I'm trying to be computer savy and figure it out...

So tuesday night we have a deviotional every week with a general authority.   Well us newbies waited in line in the freezing cold so we could get a seat, we finally get in, and find a decent seat.  Pretty soon we are getting a lot of weird looks.... I first checked to see if I forgot my nametag... cause I do that fairly often.... and nope, I was wearing it... still getting lots of weird looks.  Finally an old man comes up to us and says we are sitting in the senior ccouple reserved area.  oops.  You would think we would have noticed that we were surrounded by old people, but nope.  Super awkward.  they all felt bad for us cause we are stupid, so they just let us stay there.... so awkward.  at least we learned though, right.  yeah....

Thank you all so much for all of the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It seriously makes my day to remember I still have people who love me!!  Dear elder is my best friend!!!  Mom, you should learn how to use it!  and HARRISON: I'm expecting a letter from you this week.  but seriously.  Dad... I appreciate that you try to end your Dear elder letters in Spanish..... however your google translate really isnt working... you called me your prideful daughter.  And I mean maybe that's what you were going for, but maybe have Lucia proof those for ya next time..... or just learn Spanish.  Which I highly recommend.  (PS, there was no racism in that previous comment to ask Lucia for help). 

So I LOVE GYM!!!!  It's our one free time during the day to get out of the classroom and exercise!  Also, they have workout classes for the sisters every morning at 6... they alternate between yoga, pilates, kick boxing, toning, aerobics, and I forget the others.  They are super fun and are helping me on my parth to not gain weight!!  Even though the food here is super fattening and I feel sick every time I eat.  Speaking of sick... Ihave been super sick.  It sarted as a cold on saturday, then went to a fever and terrible migraines and soar throat and basically everything bad.  I can't really do anything without being in pain.  I don't want to stay in bed because that will put me behind and then my comp. just has to sit there by me.... so just pray that I get up to par porfavor!!!

Spanish is going pretty good!!  We taught our first lesson to our investigator our second day,.... 30 minute lesson in pure spanish.  ummmm yeah.  I really should have payed more attention in high school.  But they actually went pretty good!!  And it's so cool seeing the spirit step in and help us out.  The lessons only work if the Holy Ghost is there and helping.  (My comp took absolutely no spanish ever... she took french... so I pretty much have to do all the talking.... but I really am improving everyday)!!!!  It's so neat how I am already seeing how I can change lives.  Even though these investigators are just volunteers, I truly love them and I want so badly for thewm to come to Christ.   I am so excited to get to New York and teach people the Gospel!!! 

So we were the largest group of missionaries to ever enter the MTC... 815 of us got here Wednesday.  They aren't going to get another big wave like that for a few months... at least thats what I hear.  I'll be here till March 26 I think.... 7 weeks of normal training and then a week of visitor center training.... and that week we'll mostly be at temple square practicing our skillz.  hopefully I'm fluent in spansih by then!!!!!

okay, well my time is about out... I seriously love you all and miss you so much!!  It's hard being away from you, but I know it's where I'm supposed to be and I'm trying so hard not to get distracted and think of stuff from home.    Everything is well and I love you!

pics will come next wseek when i learn to not be dumb!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for the packages and KATE hurry and open your call!!!!

love Hermana Davis